A programme of workplace based relaxation techniques to aid wellbeing


Are you are looking for practical interventions to support staff or student wellbeing? Ask about our 'Chill Skills' workshops.  Are you looking for an interactive relaxation workshop?  We can introduce you to new skills and provide resources.  Do you have a conference or study day to plan.  We can provide a range of speakers and workshops.  

Our Trainers and Instructors contribute to educational conferences for those working with parents, children and young people and conferences and workshops which focus on the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of others.   

We have presented at Healthy Schools, Special Educational Needs (SEN), Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL), Behaviour Support, anti-bullying conferences and Stroke Support Group conferences providing presentations and interactive workshops.  

Speakers focus on the use of relaxation techniques and positive, nurturing touch with reference to case studies and research.

The workshops:

  • Consider the causes and effects of stress
  • Give an understanding of the long term benefits of relaxation techniques
  • Are practical, with a range of activities
  • Provide suggestions for activities that can be used in schools and other organisations 
  • Link to the curriculum or other aspects required by the organisation concerned
Newquay Junior Academy Wellbeing Day
Wednesday 10 July 2019
Provision of workshops for children and staff information session

Bristol PSHE Primary Network Meeting, 31 January 2017

Afternoon workshop presented by Anne and Paul Crease

What did you most enjoy about the workshop?
Ideas on how to implement in school
Bringing to the front of my mind about touch and wellbeing
Practical tips
Very clear, informative and a chance to learn through pictures and doing activities
I liked learning about the positive ethos it is based on also how you can embed it in the curriculum
The ideas for use in class
Learning the massage routines and the benefits to children
Finding out about the impact MISP can have on children
Nursery rhymes
Ideas for use in the classroom
I teach reception aged children and I can see how it can all tie in to improve the classroom environment.
The weather story was most useful as it could fit into learning for all ages

Federation of Holistic Therapists' Congress 19 July 2014
Workshop - IMPACT Wellbeing for teenagers

Presented by Anne Crease (Touchline Training Ltd.) and Donna Davis (Go Wellbeing CIC)
This workshop provided an opportunity for FHT members to experience a typical school based stress management and well-being session - 'Chill Skills for Students'. These help teenagers understand how their bodies react to stress. They learn simple, adaptable and effective relaxation techniques, all designed for use in the classroom and home.
20 attended this workshop which used relaxation techniques and resources from the IMPACT Wellbeing Programme (Workplace Wellbeing for young people and adults), a FHT accredited short course.
Download workshop evaluation

'The Art of Being Brilliant'
Caerphilly Headteachers' and Deputy Headteachers' Conference
18 & 19 June 2014 at The Vale Hotel, Hensol, near Cardiff

Download workshop evaluation 

Touchline Training provided two practical workshops which demonstrated how to enhance kinaesthetic learning and improve the social and emotional wellbeing of children through the use of positive touch.  A helpful handout provided staff with activities to use with children.

'An excellent presentation.  A very calming approach which will certainly encourage positivity within the school.  Diolch.'  Head teacher

Welsh Network of Healthy School Schemes (WNHSS) Conference
November 2013 - Children and Young People’s Well Being

The Positive Impact on Outcomes
Download workshop evaluation 

The Massage in Schools Programme (MISP) has for some years contributed to the Emotional Health and Well-Being (EHWB) aspect of Healthy Schools Schemes which were well established across the UK.  However, recently there have been changes in healthy schools provision.  In Wales the scheme is alive and well and, at the request of Healthy Schools Coordinators, Touchline Training provided an exhibition table and a workshop at the two-day WNHSS Conference in Cardiff. 

We provided an interactive workshop focusing on ‘Promoting the use of nurturing touch to enhance wellbeing’.   Delegates took the opportunity to try some hands on activities using techniques from the ‘Kind Hands’ Programme for children 2-4 years and their parents, the Massage in Schools Programme (MISP) for children 4-12 years and the IMPACT Wellbeing Programme for students of 12+ years.  The workshop was well received with delegates commenting:

  • The best workshop of the whole event.  Thank you!
  • Relevant to emotional health. Thank you.
  • Very relaxing and interesting.  I will contact you.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the training.  It would be beneficial to promote positive touch in schools.
  • Excellent!  Thank you.

The workshop gave healthy schools coordinators from across Wales the opportunity to experience a range of techniques that staff, parents and children can use and proved that it is not only the children who enjoy positive touch!! 
Comments of participants:

Stroke Support Group Conference 2012

‘A good insight into relaxing techniques’
‘Very relaxing and will help to cope with stressful situations’
‘Well presented and paced’.
‘Opens mind to things never previously thought of’

Workshops for students

Workshops provide a taster, contribute to awareness raising and are fun although the greatest benefit comes from consistent use of the relaxation programme.  Workshops may be provided pre-GCSE, for health awareness days or other specific events. 

‘Moving On’ – Hendon School 2008
Trainers provided pre GCSE workshops for year 11 students. These covered relaxation with visualisation and clothed peer massage.

Evaluation of the ‘Chill Skills for Students’ workshops showed that the majority of students found the activities interesting, useful and relaxing!

Comments of students:

"I would like to do it again."

"It allows you to take your mind off a lot of things."

"I really did relax."

RSA Academy, Worcestershire 2012
Year 13 Enrichment Programme workshops provided by Instructor, Donna Davis

Comments of students:

“The breathing techniques were really useful because they helped me to calm down when I get stressed”.  

“It relaxes the brain allowing you to build up inner equilibrium”.

Could your students benefit from such activities? 

Would your year 10 students benefit from IMPACT Wellbeing Programme throughout KS4?   This provides the most effective approach as students learn relaxation techniques and have time to integrate them into their lives before examinations start. 

Find out more about Instructor's training or contact us for more information.

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