A programme of workplace based relaxation techniques to aid wellbeing

Therapists' choice 

Therapists and independent consultants in health, social care and education have established contacts and networks.  They use the accredited programmes and training we offer to benefit a range of people. They enrich their current provision and work with new clients using the programmes outlined below.

The Instructors' training courses are accredited by therapists' professional associations Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) and Complementary Therapists Association (CThA) for continuing professional development (CPD) as post graduate short courses. 

See Accreditation page for details and pre-requisites.

The Programmes

IMPACT Workplace Wellbeing for Young People and Adults 
Workplace Wellbeing; personal relaxation techniques used in the workplace and at home by young people of 12+ years and adults of all ages.  

'A brilliantly organised and well structured course.  No fluff or flannel - just really good 'choice cuts' of practical information.'

Kate, FHT member from East Sussex, attended the IMPACT Workplace Wellbeing Programme Instructor's training in Croydon.

'I really appreciate the trainers' experience.  Not only was the teaching technique very professional but their knowledge of the therapy world was reflected in all aspects of the day.'

Therapist and FHT member, Nottingham attended an IMPACT Workplace Wellbeing instructor's training in Mansfield.

Kind Hands Massage Stories and Songs - early years and parents 
This programme of songs, story massage and relaxation can be used with children 2-4 years and their parents, in nurseries or workshops, progressing from infant/baby massage.

'The children love the Kind Hands song and I really enjoy teaching them. The songs and stories make it so much more interesting than just doing massage. It just takes it to another level and creates so many more possibilities.'  
Instructor, Worcestershire

'It was a wonderful course.  I enjoyed it very much and will be doing all the activities with the children and families in my groups.'  Home Start Volunteer
Massage in Schools Programme (MISP) Instructor's training
MISP is an ideal programme to use if you are currently working with children 4-12 years.  It can also be used with children and their parents.

All three programmes use simple, adaptable, effective techniques which are promoted by the NHS and use a mindfulness-based approach.  They are taught by trained adult instructors who work with groups or individuals.  People gain skills for life.

Are you interested in extending your current provision?
Have you thought about Instructor's training?  

Take a look at the programmes that interest you and find out about training.

Please ask if there is nothing planned your area.  We may be able to arrange something for you with a minimum group of six!  Just use the Contact Us page.


Just finished an appointment with a client who has been referred to me from the Stroke Rehabilitation Centre at the local hospital who had heard about us through the IMPACT work. She has a lot of muscular tension as she can’t relax. This was her second visit and she bought her husband so that I could show him some of the massage techniques. Great - really making a difference to her which is so rewarding.

I have based the sessions on IMPACT, with breathing, visualisation and self and peer massage, so thank you. The husband is just as pleased as his wife to be able to help, but was nervous of doing massage without being shown.  It's sessions like that that really gladden the heart. 

Therapist and IMPACT Wellbeing Instructor, Worcestershire 

Thank you for such an enjoyable course.  It was very interesting and I look forward to implementing some of the techniques here at the children’s home.  
Residential Support Worker, Devon 
Breathing and relaxation very good; enjoyed the massage.
Anne Marie (stroke survivor)
Enjoyed being masseur – made me stop and relax. I enjoyed the visualisation.
Peter (Carer) 

Thank you.  It reduces stress, very relaxing.  The last activity (guided relaxation) was very useful. 
Year 11 Students, Hendon School
I believe that there should be more of this for all students.  
Teacher, Hendon School
An enjoyable, well-presented and very worthwhile day   
Wigan Behaviour Support Team
The whole course was very informative and the balance between talking and activities was excellent. 
Teacher, Devon 

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