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Instructor's Training

Are you interested in instructor’s training?  Kind Hands instructors are adults from education, health and social care.  They are concerned with the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of children 2-4 years and their parents and want to make a difference.   Instructors may also be working with children with special or complex needs and their parents. 

NEW  Online training is in the process of development.
Touchline Training courses are country wide.  We provide one-day in-house and open instructor's training courses for individuals or teams of staff. They acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to teach, through play, the positive touch techniques of Kind Hands.  

The ethos of the Kind Hands programme is one of respect and choice.  The training day includes theoretical and practical aspects and the focus is on ensuring that instructors have the confidence, skills and knowledge to develop their own activities.   Instructors use the programme in children’s organisations and the home with both groups of children and their parents as well as working with individual families. 

Instructors have the opportunity to network and exchange ideas and experiences with others in a relaxed and calm environment.

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful engaging course.  I can't wait to start implementing all the ideas and techniques which we will be starting immediately."
Foundation Stage Manager, Croydon
Summary of course content
  • the role of play and kinaesthetic learning
  • the importance of touch
  • causes and effects of stress in children and parents
  • how positive touch and massage calms children
  • using the Kind Hands touch strokes in activities
  • developing your own massage stories
  • how to organise and implement the programme
  • working with parents
  • using massage stories and songs with children and parents
  • working with children with special and complex needs
  • health and safety and child protection
  • evaluating                                         
Instructors are provided with the support of their Trainer and have access to a variety of useful resources via the log in on this website.   

We provide:
  • accredited* professional one day training by experienced trainers 
  • Instructor's Agreement with instructor's registration 
  • access to on-line resources
  • an instructor’s manual to support the training
  • support materials including a range of positive touch activities; nursery rhymes, Kind Hands song, weather rhymes, teddy time / my time and more
  • relaxation and visualisation activities
  • feedback forms
  • draft letters to parents
Instructors are kept up to date with research and studies that support their work.

Course fees include training, resources, refreshments and light lunch.  There are no additional costs involved in open trainings. 

*Accredited with Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) and Complementary Therapists Association (CThA) as continuing professional development (CPD) for therapists.

Kind Hands instructors can also attend a one day training to become an IMPACT Workplace Wellbeing Instructor and teach parents to use the relaxation techniques of the IMPACT Wellbeing Programme.  Parents can benefit from a series of group or individual sessions that teach them simple ways to relax and provide them with an opportunity to meet others.  

Two separate training days are required to obtain Instructor's status in Kind Hands and Workplace Wellbeing Programmes. 

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