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Benefits of Kind Hands Massage Stories and Songs

Kind Hands activities use positive and nurturing touch through play for early years children and their parents and carers.  It makes learning fun!  Kind Hands is also used with carers and parents of children with special and complex needs. Adaptions are made to suit the needs of the individual child. 

Many adults working with children in England are doing so in settings which use the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).  Wales has the Foundation Phase.  It encourages children to be creative, imaginative and have fun, making learning more enjoyable and effective.  
The prime areas of learning and development are:
·        communication and language
·        physical development
·        personal, social and emotional development
‘Kind Hands’ relates to aspects of all three. 

Communication and language

Touch is a form of communication and helps to develop relationships.  Children are taught to ask permission to touch and all children have the right to say ‘no’.  Children talk about what they do and learn to express preferences. 

Physical development

Kind Hands activities can be used in most developmental stages of play, contribute to different types of play and use different learning styles, so contributing to children’s overall development.  Children develop their co-ordination, control and movement through repetition and practise. 

Personal, social and emotional development

Children learn to form positive relationships, and develop respect for others.  Kind Hands uses touch strokes and gentle massage in nursery rhymes and stories. The massage reduces stress and improves children’s concentration and wellbeing.  Children gain an improved sense of belonging and confidence.    It improves social relationships, not only between children but with parents and their children too.  

Kind Hands activities can be used in children's organisations and also with parents and their children at home.  Infant massage instructors can use Kind Hands to extend their work with families.

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