A programme of workplace based relaxation techniques to aid wellbeing

Instructor's Workplace Wellbeing Training

Are you working with young people?

Are they experiencing stress?  Is their wellbeing your concern?

You may not be able to prevent the causes of their stress but you can help them understand how they react to stress and teach them simple techniques that will give them the skills they need to manage. You can help them improve their well-being; mental, emotional and physical.

You may be working in a high school or college, in a children's home, with young offenders or with youth groups, but what you do makes a difference.

"I enjoyed the 'hands-on' approach and the calm, constructive manner of delivery.  A very motivational day with clear approaches to providing support for pupils."
Deputy Head, 6th Form, Cardiff 

In Schools

IMPACT Wellbeing Programme may contribute to improvement in mental health through Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) programmes and the Mental Health and Wellbeing aspect of Healthy Schools provision.   IMPACT can be of particular use in year 7 to aid the transition stage and formation of new groups or in years 10, 11 and onwards it may ease the stress of GCSE and higher-level examinations. It can also be used anywhere in between! It will be of particular interest to those working with students with special needs, in nurture groups and for behaviour support staff.

Students may have the opportunity to use their knowledge in the development of key skills.

"I feel that the course has equipped me with the knowledge and understanding necessary to take this into schools and spread the word!"
Behaviour Support Teacher, Wigan

In Youth Organisations

Young people in youth groups and other organisations can benefit from learning about the causes of stress and how to their bodies react to stress.

They will then have the opportunity to learn practical relaxation techniques that will give them skills for life.

Read the evaluation of Hendon School's 'Moving On' Day, 2008, Pre GCSE IMPACT Relaxation Workshop. 

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