A programme of workplace based relaxation techniques to aid wellbeing

Instructor's Workplace Wellbeing Training

Are you working with adults in the workplace? 

Do you have a responsibility for staff wellbeing?  Are you or your colleagues under pressure?  

Consider instructor’s training.  Introducing IMPACT Workplace Wellbeing can make a difference.  The relaxation techniques are designed for the workplace and take little time or space.  Adults learn skills for life. 
A one day instructor's training course will give you the background knowledge and skills you need to become your own expert and then introduce the programme to your colleagues.  This may be done individually or in a group, during working hours or in after work sessions.  Alternatively a whole team can train together, which shows a commitment to staff wellbeing. 
Some organisations employ an independent instructor to provide a series of workshops to teach staff the relaxation techniques of the programme.  The mindfulness based approach encourages focus on the present, leads to contentment and improved physical, mental and emotional health.

'The course exceeded my expectations in all ways.  An excellent course with excellent instructors, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.'
Occupational health and wellbeing manager, Network Rail

Is your home your workplace?

If your workplace is your home, the programme can be used to suit your needs.   Many adults have caring roles so the relaxation techniques can be used when resting at the computer or sitting at the kitchen table.  All that is needed is a chair! Other resources are provided.  The programme can be shared with family and friends.  Everyone can improve their wellbeing by learning skills for life. 

Independent instructors have a role to play.   They may provide sessions for corporate wellbeing and workshops for parent and special interest groups.  There are many opportunities to use their skills to support others.

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