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NEW July 2020

IMPACT Workplace Wellbeing

Instructor's Online Training

Online training with a personal touch

In response to requests for online training, we have accredited the established IMPACT Workplace Wellbeing Instructor's training as an online course.   This training is open to all adults with an interest in wellbeing.  IMPACT Wellbeing 'toolkit' is used by adults for their own use and for family, friends, work colleagues and voluntary work. 

Refresher course
Previously trained instructors can access the online training as a 'refresher' course to update their skills.  See course details below and contact us for more information.

Therapists use IMPACT Wellbeing to enhance their provision to their clients.  The training is accredited with the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) as a short course for continuing professional development (10 CPD points). Therapists should check the pre-requisites on the Accreditation page.

Online training gives you the opportunity to study at a time and a pace that suits you.  The course covers the same material as the one day face to face course. Your trainers are Anne and Paul Crease who are the founders of the programme.  The course may be described as a 'blended' course in that it not only involves distance learning but also face to face discussion via a video link so that learners and trainers get to meet each other. 

‘The pre-course information prepared me well.  People will definitely benefit from each individual tool. The spectrum is great and so useful. Thank you!’  
Instructor, Glasgow

The Online Course
The course fee is £135.00, the same as the face to face training fee.  All training resources, access to Instructor's resources on completion of training and support of the trainers is provided.  There should be no additional costs. 

How the course is organised
The online course is composed of six modules using video presentations, each lasting between 15 and 30 minutes.  With 'homework' the whole course will take about 12-18 hours.  You have a period of six months in which to complete your certificated training so that you can work at a time, pace and place to suit you.

Your course materials are accessed from a link and can be used via most computers. You will be provided with videos, an Instructor's Manual. MP3s, worksheets and other resources required for the training.  You can contact your trainers by email and phone for additional support if needed.

Course content and assessment
Details of the modules and course content are given in the 'Terms and Conditions and Learner's Agreement' (see below) so download the document to find out more.

After your first module, your trainers will contact you for a 'welcome' video call to ensure that you are happy with the course outline and answer any queries.  You will submit two worksheets and towards the end of your training, two short videos to show your skill in self-massage and peer massage routines.  You'll have plenty of time to practise!  The videos can be made using a smart phone or other device.

Completion of training
You will receive a short video presentation and Instructor's Certificate by email after satisfactory completion of your training and have access to a range of resources to support your role as an Instructor. 

Join our community of Instructors
Small interventions can make a big difference so you can start your Instructor's training now.  Download the three important documents below.  If you have any queries just 'contact us' as we shall be pleased to discuss your training options.  We'll look forward to hearing from you.

Read this document first - Modules and course content
2020 Terms and conditions and learner's agreement

2020 Instructor's Agreement

2020 Instructor's training application form

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