A programme of workplace based relaxation techniques to aid wellbeing


We evaluate our trainings and request feedback from practising instructors.  Here you can find some of the comments.

'I have implemented the MISP throughout the school where I work. I work in a school for children with special needs and it has been of great benefit to them.  I have also introduced the Impact Wellbeing Programme to some of the staff with positive results, helping with anxiety and sleep. The older students have enjoyed the massage, breathing and relaxation techniques too.

My school have agreed to let another person come on the training.  Parents and teachers are pleased with how the children have responded and have given positive comments about the programmes.  Looking forward to introducing it to any new pupils this year and hope to run another relaxation class for staff too. 
Hilary Grieve, Special School, Cumbria

'Many thanks for such excellent MISP training and the inspiration to do something different.  I have loved watching the reactions in the children I have worked with, how adults' attitudes are changed when they see the power positive touch has on the children they work with.'
Behaviour support teacher, Bridgend

'IMPACT demonstrations and opportunities to participate were very useful.  Interventions are practical and possible for both staff and pupils.'
Assistant Head, comprehensive school, Bridgend 
'I feel confident to deliver relaxation techniques to pupils within my school.  The trainers were very informative and knowledgeable about the course.  All questions were answered in depth with good discussions.'
Special school teacher, Bridgend, IMPACT Wellbeing in-house training 2015

'The MISP course exceeded my expectations.  I was amazed at the content covered and the amount of practical and theory.  I loved learning the MISP routine and giving and receiving massages.  I enjoyed learning about the brain and nervous system.'
Primary school teacher, Bridgend in-house training, 2015 

'A brilliantly organised and well structured course.  No fluff or flannel - just really good 'choice cuts' of practical information.'
Complementary therapist (FHT), East Sussex

'Thank you again for the inspiring course yesterday.  I have already introduced the breathing to a few students with success. The fact that this can be used in any situation was important  with one boy who was in great distress and the technique was used in the corridor.'  
Year 10 Learning Manager, Secondary School, Derbyshire

'I had brilliant session with Touchline Training on Saturday. Great course for relaxation, massage and stress relief and how to teach others.  Applicable  across the board including actors.'  
Actor, London, July 2013

'Thank you for such an enjoyable course.   It was very interesting and I look forward to implementing some of the techniques here at the children's home.'
Residential Support Worker, Devon 2012

"I enjoyed the discussions and how best we could use techniques."

"I am looking forward to finding out more about research and theory behind IMPACT using links on website."

Bristol, Tuesday 8 May 2012  Hosted by Bristol Healthy Schools Team

"The whole course was very informative and the balance between talking and activities was excellent."

"Trainers. Great. Positive, passionate and dedicated. Very informative yet realistic."

Community College, Devon, February 2012

"I enjoyed all aspects of the course – practical demonstrations were excellent."

"I think the theory behind why massage works on many levels e.g. relaxation, peer relationships, was very well explained."

"An enjoyable, well-presented and very worthwhile day."

Behaviour Support Team, Wigan, October 2011

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