A programme of workplace based relaxation techniques to aid wellbeing

IMPACT Workplace Wellbeing

Benefits overview


Benefits for
Young people
Benefits for Adults Benefits for
Care sector
Calmness and improved concentration can lead to raised attainment  Calmness and improved concentration increases focus on work   Calmness and improved concentration reduces distraction  
Learn cause and effect of stress and effects of adolescent hormones Learn cause and effect of stress in relation to workplace and home Learn cause and effect of stress in relation to pressures of ill health or caring 
Learn relaxation techniques that can be used throughout life Simple to use and adapt techniques for the workplace  Simple to use and adapt techniques to suit personal needs 
Improved focus gives confidence in self and ability to work with others  Staff wellbeing is viewed as important and staff feel valued Increased acceptance of personal situation through mindfulness
Choice and development of assertiveness – can learn to say ‘no’ More confident and contented at work  Helps with rehabilitation and recovery after illness or through treatments
Peer massage increases friendship and unity with classes/groups Greater social integration and more effective team work  Increased interaction with others through group use of relaxation activities
Teaches respect for self and others and less reaction to peer pressure Can help create a more harmonious family life Suitable for use in hospices, hospitals, rehabilitation and support settings


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