A programme of workplace based relaxation techniques to aid wellbeing

Benefits for the care sector 

The care sector covers many areas.  IMPACT Wellbeing Programme is suitable for use with support groups, in residential homes, hospices, hospitals and other organisations.  Staff, carers, residents and patients can use the programme.  Staff are often under pressure at work.  Residents, patients and their carers may also find that they are subject to a variety of stressful situations and long term health problems. 
For all, the main benefits of the use of the relaxation techniques are calmness and concentration through a mindfulness approach.  People feel more relaxed and contented.  The relaxation techniques are simple, adaptable and effective.  Resources are provided to ensure that the programme is easy to implement. 
In residential homes people may benefit from the nurturing effects of massage that lead to improved social relationships.  Patients in hospital, hospices, rehabilitation and support settings benefit from the reduction in stress and the comfort of nurturing touch.
IMPACT Wellbeing Programme can support your work.  Depending on location, our Instructors can provide workshops for your organisation or group.

Instructors, Donna Davis and Helen Beardes, provided a workshop for Bromsgrove Life After Stroke Support Group.  

The chairman of the support group, said: "This was a completely new activity for the members and volunteers to take part in."  He added everyone really enjoyed the session and found it beneficial.  

Breathing and relaxation very good; enjoyed the massage.
Anne Marie (stroke survivor)

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Please contact us for further information about workshops including taster sessions or a series of workshops, as well as in-house training for your organisation.

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