A programme of workplace based relaxation techniques to aid wellbeing

Benefits for adults in the workplace and home

The workplace can be stressful with either the option of too much or too little to do!  IMPACT Wellbeing Programme relaxation techniques can be easily used in the workplace and home and take little time or space. 

In the workplace, staff may train as instructors and work with others in their section to deliver the programme.  A team approach to the use of IMPACT Wellbeing Programme leads to the recognition that staff wellbeing is important and valued.  Independent instructors may provide wellbeing workshop sessions for a company or organisation.  
Personal relaxation techniques result in improved calmness and concentration so that the individual can work more effectively.  The techniques are based on a mindfulness approach which enables staff to focus on the present.   Improved staff wellbeing leads to contentment and a reduction in absenteeism due to improved physical, mental and emotional health.

If peer massage is used it can lead to greater social integration between members of a team. 

‘Lovely, calming session.’   Staff wellbeing, Worcestershire 

 'Enjoyed it very much and didn’t want it to end, was just what we needed over the last few months.'    Parent, 'Family Feel Good' session

Please contact us for details of instructor's training or staff / parent wellbeing workshops.  We can provide in-house training for you and you can make wellbeing your business! 

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