A programme of workplace based relaxation techniques to aid wellbeing

Benefits of IMPACT Workplace Wellbeing 

The use of IMPACT Workplace Wellbeing relaxation techniques and a basic understanding of the causes and effects of stress can help build resilience and provide improved mental, emotional and physical wellbeing for young people and adults.

IMPACT relaxation techniques affect the body's nervous and hormonal systems, encouraging a quick return to a state of calm.  All the techniques are well researched and shown to be effective.  

IMPACT Wellbeing Programme relaxation techniques include:

  • Breathing and stretching exercises
  • Relaxation and guided visualisation
  • Self massage for head and hands
  • Peer massage for head and hands
  • A mindfulness-based approach

Participants also gain an understanding of the causes and effects of stress.

The benefits of all the techniques are:

  • Calmness The parasympathetic nervous system relaxes the body.
  • Concentration The calm state clears the mind and allows individuals to focus on the present and task in hand. 

The benefits of peer massage are:   

  • Consideration  People consider the needs of others.
  • Confidence  This comes from helping colleagues improve their well-being.
  • Choice  Participants can choose to use peer massage and the person with whom they work. This leads to assertiveness and empowers the individual.

Peer massage studies show increased concentration (Renfrewshire Study 2005) and social integration in a study by the Education Research Centre, University of Brighton, UK. 

Massage produces a hormone, oxytocin, that leads to increased contentment. 

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