A programme of workplace based relaxation techniques to aid wellbeing

Benefits of IMPACT Workplace Wellbeing 

IMPACT Workplace Wellbeing's relaxation techniques and a basic understanding of the causes and effects of stress can help build resilience and provide improved mental, emotional and physical wellbeing for young people and adults.

IMPACT relaxation techniques affect the body's nervous and hormonal systems, encouraging a quick return to a state of calm.  All the techniques are well researched and shown to be effective.  

IMPACT Wellbeing's toolkit of relaxation techniques include:

  • Breathing and stretching exercises
  • Relaxation and guided visualisation
  • Self massage for head and hands
  • Peer massage for head and hands
  • A mindfulness-based approach

Participants also gain an understanding of the causes and effects of stress.

Benefits for young people

Young people learn about the causes and effects of stress and how to manage their stress.  IMPACT contributes to the Personal, Social and Health Education Curriculum (PSHE) in UK secondary schools.  

“It allows you to take your mind off a lot of things.” 
“Thank you. I found it very relaxing.” Year 11 student

Adolescence is a time of hormonal change and transition to adulthood.  It can be a stressful time for many. Peer pressure can have adverse effects and young people need support to become resilient and confident in themselves. 

'Thank you again for the inspiring course.  I have already introduced the breathing to a few students with success. The fact that this can be used in any situation was important with one boy who was in great distress and the technique was used in the corridor.'

Year 10 Learning Manager, Derbyshire 

Benefits for adults in the workplace

Improved staff wellbeing leads to contentment and a reduction in absenteeism due to improved physical, mental and emotional health.

‘Lovely, calming session.’   Staff wellbeing, Worcestershire 

'Enjoyed it very much and didn’t want it to end, was just what we needed over the last few months.'    Parent, 'Family Feel Good' session

'I'm still using IMPACT techniques for myself most days. I'm finding the self-massage, neck exercises and breathing really helpful.'  Homebased worker

Benefits for the care sector

The care sector covers many areas.  IMPACT's Wellbeing toolkit is suitable for use with support groups, in residential homes, hospices, hospitals and other organisations.  Staff, carers, residents and patients can use the programme.  Staff are often under pressure at work. 

Residents, patients and their carers may also find that they are subject to a variety of stressful situations and long term health problems. In residential homes people benefit from the nurturing effects of massage that lead to improved social relationships.  

'This was a completely new activity for the members and volunteers to take part in.  Everyone really enjoyed the session and found it beneficial. ' 
Chairman of the Life After Stroke Support Group, Bromsgrove

Breathing and relaxation very good; enjoyed the massage.
Anne Marie (stroke survivor)


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