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Times Educational Magazine article by Jessica Powell, published 3 April 2015, features the Massage in Schools Programme (MISP) a programme of clothed peer massage and positive touch for children 4-12 years.


Advocates say the worldwide movement improves behaviour and confidence, but others fear it could confuse and pressure children.
NFER Attitude Survey | 09/03/2012
Being left out is worst form of bullying according to research.

Schools and parents should be aware of the potential harm done to young people when they experience bullying through ‘being left out’, according to research carried out in National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) Attitude Surveys.
Unhealthy children more likely to be unhappy, study finds. 

Children and young people who choose unhealthy activities have dramatically lower happiness levels than those with healthier lifestyles, according to the Economic and Social Research Council. 

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