A programme of workplace based relaxation techniques to aid wellbeing


Most people find that they can benefit from the use of relaxation techniques so these items are available for you to use.  You can download them and use them as required.  Please make sure you are not working or driving when using relaxation breathing and visualisation.  Focus on those alone.   

Anti-bullying Week in November 

Download these anti-bullying positive touch activities with a focus on friendship and use them with your groups.  They will be a starting point.   Develop them further, adding music if you wish. 

Smile Greeting This makes a good start to every day!

Don't be on your own To the tune of Jelly on the plate 

Hands of friendship  A rap

Friendship massage  This uses the weather story actions

Arm and hand massage An act of friendship

Chill Skills for students, staff and parents (and everyone else too!)

Relaxation Breathing (First Aid for Anxiety) 3.8 MB 4.10

IMPACT Visualisation - The Special Place
4 minutes 25 seconds, MPEG Layer 3 audio, 4MB
(Production and backing music by Martin Dearmun 2011.)

This is one of the visualisations provided for the use of IMPACT Wellbeing Instructors.
Caution - This is for relaxation and should only be used in that context.
Do not use whilst driving or working!  

“Recent discoveries in neuroscience confirm the power of imagination; there is no difference between the pattern of neurons firing in the brain between performing an action and imagining the activity (Rizzolatti & Craighero, 2004).”
Visualisation is a technique for inducing relaxation.  It also improves physical and psychological health.  

IMPACT Wellbeing Programme Flyers

We provide flyers specific to the needs of different groups.  You can download the flyers below or request flyers to be sent by email.  Use the Contact Us page.  If you have difficulty in downloading a flyer it may help to try using a different browser.  

IMPACT Wellbeing Flyer (Overview)

IMPACT Wellbeing Flyer Kind Hands

IMPACT Wellbeing Flyer - Workplace Wellbeing for Young People 

IMPACT Wellbeing Flyer - Wellbeing in the Care Sector

IMPACT Wellbeing Flyer - Workplace Wellbeing for Adults 

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