A programme of workplace based relaxation techniques to aid wellbeing

Wellbeing is our business


We are a not for profit company dedicated to helping people of all ages improve their wellbeing.

We pride ourselves on delivering professional training courses for adults working in education, health, social care and the wider world of work, which includes the home. 
Most people find some aspects of their lives stressful.  While some stress helps people to perform well, too much can have an adverse effect on health; mental, emotional and physical. 
We bring wellbeing to your workplace and home with the following training courses. 

NEW 2019 IMPACT Community Wellbeing Instructors' Training is a one day in-house training designed to meet the needs of your community (school, residential home, workplace etc.).  We use a mindfulness-based approach.  We will combine relaxation techniques from Kind Hands and IMPACT Workplace Wellbeing and adapt them to suit the needs of your community.  Instructors will benefit from a bespoke wellbeing toolkit and training to help improve their community's physical, social, emotional and mental wellbeing.  'Contact Us' for information.

Kind Hands Massage Stories and Songs

For early years' children, parents and carers and children with special or complex needs  
Massage stories, songs and relaxation 

One day Instructors' training for adults working with early years children, children with special or complex needs and parents and carers

Massage in Schools Programme (MISP)

For children 4 – 12 years and children and their parents 
Positive touch and clothed peer massage 

Two day Instructors' training for staff working in children’s organisations or with children and parents

IMPACT Workplace Wellbeing Programme

For young people and adults of all ages
Relaxation programme with a mindfulness-based approach      

One day Instructors' training for adults working in a wide range of situations

All programmes are based on an ethos of respect and choice with relaxation techniques that are simple, adaptable and effective.  They contribute to an improvement in physical, mental and emotional health and can lead to improved social relationships.  There is something for everyone.  

Training equips adults with knowledge and skills. They use the programmes with those with whom they work, resulting in improved wellbeing.  

Participants develop skills for life.  


"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."   Robert Louis Stevenson

If wellbeing is your concern, you are in the right place! 


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